Econocom verkündet die Übernahme von Altasys, einem französischen Anbieter von digitalen Sicherheitslösungen

Econocom, a European company specialising in the digital transformation of businesses, announced it has finalised the agreements to acquire a controlling stake (90% of the shares) in French company Altasys, an IT security provider. Altasys currently posts revenue of over €6 million and employs over 50 engineers and consultants.
This transaction will enable the group to establish a new French market leader in IT, network, infrastructure and digital solutions security by combining the skills of Altasys, Clesys (acquired in March 2015) and Econocom’s teams specialising in this field.

Econocom Cyber Security, the new division, will boast 130 engineers and consultants and generate initial revenue of around €15 million. Gilles Auffret, currently the chairman of Altasys, will run the new group and implement the growth plan.
“By setting up this new security division in which Altasys and its Management team will play a leading role, we will establish ourselves as a major service provider in the field of digital security. It will enable us to develop our security governance offerings by combining the activities of Altasys and Econocom, and expand our range of Access and Infrastructure security services by drawing on Clesys’s expertise,” explains Gilles Auffret.

Bruno Grossi, Executive Director of Econocom, added: “After recently setting up Digital Security, Europe’s first CERT entirely dedicated to IoT, the Econocom Galaxy has now acquired another satellite specialising in digital security.” He concluded: “This is in response to a growing need from our key accounts which are digitalising or transforming their business model and internal organisation by digitalising it. As a major digital transformation partner for businesses and the public sector, Econocom aims to offer its clients a comprehensive range of added-value services to address increasingly strategic challenges.”